Photo Upload

Upload a Photo of Your Choice for Your U Card!

Once you have submitted your photo, we will notify you via your U of M email that your photo has been accepted or if you will need to resubmit.

1st Year Students & Transfer Students - After you have initiated your student ID, go to www.mail.umn.edu to activate your U of M email. 

   Taking a photo with most smart phones/devices works well. It will meet the pixel/size requirements if you do not crop it.

 Students - Please remember your professors will be able to access this photo for attendance purposes. 


  • At least 600 pixels by 600 pixels or 2" x 2" photo in JPEG format.
  • Use of a plain white, off-white or light gray background, free of patterns, objects, textures, etc. (No trees, bricks, windows, grass, stairs, wood, doors, etc.)
  • Image of face and shoulders facing forward. Do NOT zoom in on face. Leave space around the sides of your face and the top of your head.
  • Clear image in color without any added filters, effects or clipart.
  • Use good lighting. No overexposed photos.
  • A clear, unobstructed, front view of the full head and shoulders. No hands can be touching the face or in the image. Eyes must be open and looking at the camera.
  • A photo of the student alone in normal street attire with no hats, sunglasses, hand symbols or pets in photo (religious head coverings are acceptable).
  • Recent (less than 6 months old).

  • If you are using a photo previously taken and you have to crop it down to look like the example below, please be aware cropped photos can become pixelated and will not be accepted.

  • WAIT! Take one last look at your photo. Is your background plain white, off-white or light gray and free of all objects? Great! If not, try again! 

  • Please use a NON-TEXTURED & COMPLETELY white, off-white or light gray background for your photo.

Have you already submitted your photo?

If you previously submitted your photo and you do not know if your photo has been accepted or rejected, please check your U of M email. If you do not have a rejected or accepted email from us, your photo is still being reviewed.

Preferred name on U Card

If you would like to have your preferred name printed on your U Card you will need to go to your MyU - My Info - Click The Edit Pencil By Your Name - Add A New Name - Select Preferred Name.  You will need to update your preferred name 24 hours PRIOR to uploading your U Card photo.

CIS and Transfer Students

If you are a past CIS student or you are a transfer student transferring from a University of Minnesota system campus (Duluth, Rochester, Crookston, Morris) and the photo upload system is requiring you to pay for a replacement U Card, please email ucard@umn.edu to have your fee waived.

Upload My U Card Photo

Quick Tips
-At least a 2 inch x 2 inch jpeg
-Use a plain background
-Photo of you alone
-Face forward
-Eyes open
-Leave space around your face
-Capture head and shoulders
-No hands or objects in the photo
-No blurry photos
-Recent photo
-Colored photo – no filters
-No overexposed photos

Photo Example Below