Door access

Door Access

The U Card Office does not assign door access. If you need access to a building, you will need to contact your supervisor or department.

If you currently have door access and you receive a replacement U Card your door access will automatically transfer over to your new replacement U Card.

  • Swipe access – transfers over in approximately 4 hours
  • Tap (smart card) access – transfers over in approximately 4 hours

If you believe you have been assigned access to a building but are unable to get in the building with your U Card, please verify you do have access with your supervisor or department. If you receive confirmation and still have issues, stop by the U Card Office to have your U Card evaluated. 

Residential Hall Students - If you are unable to gain access to your residence hall using your U Card, please speak with the front desk staff at the residence hall. If the front desk staff confirm you have access and your U Card is still not working properly, please visit the U Card to have your card evaluated.