About Gopher GOLD

About Gopher GOLD

Gopher GOLD

Gopher GOLD™ is $ you can add to your U Card to make purchases all over campus using your U Card. The Gopher GOLD™ Account is the University of Minnesota declining balance account on the U Card — it is not a bank account.
  • You do not need to sign up for your Gopher GOLD™ account. It is already available on your U Card
  • You must have money in your account in order to spend it. You cannot overdraft or go negative. You can store up to $1000 in your Gopher GOLD™ account.
  • Gopher GOLD is not just for students; staff and faculty can use it too!

Why use Gopher GOLD?

Convenient — No need to carry your wallet or cash. You just need your U Card with you to make purchases.
Save Money! — We often offer discounts/promotions at different locations on campus when you use Gopher GOLD.
Debt Free — You cannot overdraft or go negative
Use all over campus — Gopher GOLD is the only account on the U Card that can be used all over campus.
Safe — U Card lost or stolen? No problem! Stop by the U Card Office or go online and deactivate your card. Once you receive your new card your Gopher GOLD balance will automatically transfer over.
Automatic Balances roll over each semester/year.
Pay for Printing Gopher GOLD is the only way to pay for printing at libraries and computer labs on campus.
On Campus Spending Only Parents can feel comfortable knowing that their student can only use Gopher GOLD for purchases on campus.

Important information about your Gopher GOLD account:

Your Gopher GOLD will roll over each semester/year. However, you must use your account (deposit to Gopher GOLD or make a purchase using your Gopher GOLD account) at least once a year or inactivity fees will apply.

After 12 months of inactivity on your Gopher GOLD Account, inactivity fees ($3.00/month) will occur for 6 months or until your account balance is under $10. After 6 month or after your balance is below $10 your remaining balance will be forfeited. Inactivity fees will never be larger than the balance you have in your Gopher GOLD account. If at any time during the inactivity fee period your account shows activity the inactivity fees will be suspended. The inactivity fee will remain suspended until you again do not show activity for 12 months.

You may not withdraw money from your Gopher GOLD account until you leave the University and it does not transfer between University of Minnesota system campuses.

Closing your Gopher GOLD Account:

  • To close your Gopher GOLD account and withdraw the money in your account you must have graduated or left the University.
  • You will be charged a $10 closing fee. If your balance is under $10 you will be charged your remaining balance.
  • It may take up to 1 full semester once all your University accounts have cleared for a refund check to be mailed.

Fill out the form below to close your Gopher GOLD account:
Download Closure Form

Read the full terms and conditions of the Gopher GOLD account.