Parent Information

Parent Information

The U Card is your student's University of Minnesota Student ID Card.

Your student can swipe their U Card to: 

  • Access their meal plan at dining hall locations
  • Make campus purchases (dining, printing and more) with Gopher GOLD
  • Make campus dining purchase using FlexDine
  • Charge Bookstore purchases to their Student Account.
  • Use their U Card as an ATM card (with the optional TCF checking account)
  • Access campus buildings (such as the Residential Halls)
  • Check out books from the library 

It may also be used as:

  • Attendance/identity verification card
  • Access to both on/off-campus discounts (ex: U-Pass)

  • In order to receive their 1st U Card, students must present an approved government-issued photo ID. Students will receive information on when they will receive their U Card at Orientation.

Gopher GOLD Account

Gopher GOLD is a University of Minnesota Account managed by the U Card Office that is automatically given to all U Card holders. Students may choose to use the account or not. 

The Gopher GOLD account is a pre-paid account, so your student's balance cannot go negative. 

Gopher GOLD is the only way to pay for printing at libraries or printing labs on campus.

Gopher GOLD is accepted at dining locations, convenience stores and more! A full list of locations that accept Gopher GOLD can be found on the 'Where to use Gopher GOLD' page.

Parents or guests may deposit to a students Gopher GOLD account online or at the U Card Office. You must know the student's internet ID (first part of their email before

To find more information about the Gopher GOLD account, see the 'About Gopher GOLD' page.

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More information on the other accounts on the U Card can be found on the 'Accounts' page

Parent/Guest Access to Student Information/Student Accounts

The U Card Office cannot release any student information/account information to parents or family members. 

If you would like to gain access to your student's information you must request guest access. This will give you access to view your student's account balances (Gopher GOLD, Student Account, etc) and more.

To learn more about parent/guest access please go to the 'Parent/Guest Access' page 

Student U-Pass (bus and light rail access)

Students must have their U Card before they are eligible to receive their U-Pass. The U-Pass gives students the ability to ride on the metro buses and light rail. If your student purchases a U-Pass, the fee will be charged to their student account. To receive more information on the U-Pass please visit

Previous CIS or PSEO Students

If your student was previously a CIS student, they will need to receive a new U Card at Orientation. The CIS U Cards are not updated with all the current technology they need to function properly on campus.

If your student was previously a PSEO student they can continue to use their current U Card. The PSEO student U Cards are the same U Cards all University students receive. 

Lost U Cards

If your student loses their U Card they can choose to wait and see if someone turns it in or they can deactivate it online or at the U Card Office.

If a student loses their U Card and chooses not to deactivate it, their card will remain active including the accounts and door access on the card.

If your student deactivates their U Card it immediately suspends all accounts and access on the U Card. The door access and accounts will be transferred over to a new U Card once the student receives it.

The student can receive a new U Card at the U Card Office in Coffman Memorial Union or at our extension office - St. Paul Student Center Information Desk

The student will need to bring an approved government-issued photo ID or 2 approved secondary forms of ID with them to receive a new U Card.

Lost U Cards are subject to a $25 replacement fee. If your student's U Card was stolen, they may file a police report and present this report to receive a free replacement card.