Summer 2021 U Card Photo Upload University of Minnesota

Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID

Getting Your U Card

In order to receive their 1st U Card, students must present an approved government-issued photo ID. Students can receive their U Card at the U Card Office.

Upload a Photo of Your Choice for Your U Card!

Once you have submitted your photo, we will notify you via your U of M email that your photo has been accepted or if you will need to resubmit. 

1st Year Students & Transfer Students - After you have initiated your student ID, go to www.mail.umn.edu to activate your U of M email. 

Upload My U Card Photo

Your U Card

Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID. You will use your card to access buildings, use accounts attached to the card, and may be asked to display it for classes or when on campus. Remember to carry your U Card with you while you are on campus. 

Accounts on the U Card 

Please see the ‘Accounts’ page for more information.

Building Access with U Card

If you would like information on the buildings your U Card gives you access to, please speak to a representative at the specific building you are inquiring about.


Gopher GOLD

The University of Minnesota Gopher GOLD account allows you to add money to your student ID then use your U Card to make purchases all over campus; a safe and convenient alternative to carrying multiple cards and/or cash. The Gopher GOLD account is the University of Minnesota's declining balance account on the U Card — it is not a bank account.
  • You do not need to sign up for your Gopher GOLD account. It is already available on your U Card.
  • Gopher GOLD is the only way to pay for printing on campus.
  • You must have money in your account in order to spend it. You cannot overdraft or go negative. You can store up to $1000 in your Gopher GOLD account.

Make a Gopher GOLD Deposit