About the U Card

About The U Card

Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID.

Your U Card can give you access to campus buildings and different accounts based on your role/status at the University. Please see the ‘Accounts’ page for more details on which accounts you may have on your U Card. If you would like information on the buildings your U Card gives you access to, please speak to a representative at the specific building you are inquiring about.

Students and staff may need to use their U Card to print on campus. Printing costs can vary across campus.  At University libraries and OIT computer labs black-and-white prints and copies are $0.10 per exposure ($0.20 double-sided).   Color prints and copies are $0.50 per exposure ($1.00 double-sided). If you need to pay for printing, Gopher GOLD is the only way to pay for printing at campus Computer Labs, Residential Halls and Libraries. Specific printing lab prices may vary depending on the college with which they are associate. 

Accounts on the U Card 

Additional services with your U Card

Building Access with U Card

Taking Care Of Your U Card



  • Store your U Card in a protective sleeve or case
  • Keep your U Card in a secure place
  • Monitor your U Card account balances
  • Carry your U card with you on campus

Do Not:

  • Punch a hole in your U Card or bend it
  • Lend your U Card to anyone
  • Scratch the magnetic stripe
  • Put your U Card near a magnet

U Cards do not expire but services on them may. You are eligible to receive a free replacement U Card every 5 years. If you leave the University and return within 5 years of receiving your U Card you will need to use the same U Card or pay a replacement fee. Exceptions to this rule includes role changes. (ex. going from student to staff)

Preferred name on U Card

If you would like to have your preferred name printed on your U Card you will need to go to your MyU - My Info - Click The Edit Pencil By Your Name - Add A New Name - Select Preferred Name and then fill in your preferred name. If you currently have a U Card please refer to our replacement policy. You will need to update your preferred name 24 hours prior to uploading your U Card photo. If you do not plan to upload your U Card photo be sure to update your preferred name 24 hours prior to coming to the U Card Office to have your photo taken.