Photo Upload

Photo upload is required to receieve your U Card!

Please email your photo to [email protected] with your name, ID number and please indicate it is for a Rochester U Card.

The U Cards are created at the Twin Cities campus and mailed to the Rochester campus every 2 weeks.

1st Year Students & Transfer Students - After you have initiated your student ID, go to www.mail.umn.edu to activate your U of M email. 

   Taking a photo with most smart phones/devices works well. It will meet the pixel/size requirements if you do not crop it.

Photo Requirements:

  • At least 600 pixels by 600 pixels or 2" x 2" photo in JPEG format.
  • Use of a plain white, off-white or light gray background, free of patterns, objects, textures, etc. (No trees, bricks, windows, grass, stairs, wood, doors, etc.)
  • Image of face and shoulders facing forward. Do NOT zoom in on face. Leave space around the sides of your face and the top of your head.
  • Clear image in color without any added filters, effects or clipart.
  • Use good lighting. No overexposed photos.
  • A clear, unobstructed, front view of the full head and shoulders. No hands can be touching the face or in the image. Eyes must be open.
  • A photo of the student alone in normal street attire with no hats, sunglasses, hand symbols or pets in photo (religious head coverings are acceptable).
  • Recent (less than 6 months old).


  • WAIT! Take one last look at your photo. Is your background plain white, off-white or light gray and free of all objects? Great! If not, try again! 
  • Please use a NON-TEXTURED & COMPLETELY white, off-white or light gray background for your photo.

Quick Tips
-At least a 2 inch x 2 inch jpeg
-Use a plain background
-Photo of you alone
-Face forward
-Eyes open
-Leave space around your face
-Capture head and shoulders
-No hands or objects in the photo
-No blurry photos
-Recent photo
-Colored photo – no filters
-No overexposed photos

Photo Example Below