Sponsored U Cards

If you have Affiliated Academic Staff, Affiliated Staff, Affiliated Students or Visiting Students and you would like them to obtain a U Card, University Departments may complete a Sponsored Internet Account and Services form at https://my-account.umn.edu/create-sponsored-acct.

You MUST click the 'Request a U Card' link in your Sponsored Acount confirmation email to request a U Card. You will need to provide your department's EFS string to pay the $25 U Card fee.

  • It may take up to 48 hours for your sponsored account to become active in the U Card system. After 24 hours you may call our office at 612-626-9900 to ask for the status of your Sponsored Account. Please have the sponsored staff or student's first, last name and Internet ID available.
  • Note: Sponsored accounts do not have staff or student ID #s so one will not print on their U Card.