Sponsored U Cards

If you have Affiliated Academic Staff, Affiliated Staff, Affiliated Students or Visiting Students and you would like them to obtain a U Card, University Departments may complete a Sponsored Internet Account and Services form at www.umn.edu/dirtools/sponsor.  Please be sure to check ‘U Card’ under the ‘Select the Service Type’ on the form and provide your EFS #.

It may take up to 48 hours for your sponsored account to become active in the U Card system. After 24 hours you may call our office at 218-426-8814 to ask for the status of your Sponsored Account. Please have the sponsored staff or student's first, last name and Internet ID available.

Once the sponsoring department’s online request is processed, you will be eligible for a U Card

  • Note: Sponsored accounts do not have staff or student ID #s so one will not print on their U Card.