About The U Card

Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID.

Your U Card gives you access to secured buildings on campus based on your role/status at the University. Your U Card will also give you access to different services on campus. Lastly, your U Card can also be used to access accounts that are attached to your U Card. Please see the ‘Accounts’ page for more details on which accounts you may have on your U Card based on your role/status at the University.

Building Access with U Card

Accounts on the U Card 

  • Meal Plan
  • Student Account
  • T.H.E. Bus
  • Library

Added Services Gained with your U Card

  • Computer Help Desk

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Taking Care Of Your U Card



  • Store your U Card in a protective sleeve or case
  • Keep your U Card in a secure place
  • Monitor your U Card account balances
  • Carry your U card with you on campus

Do Not:

  • Punch a hole in your U Card
  • Lend your U Card to anyone
  • Scratch the magnetic stripe
  • Put your U Card near a magnet

U Cards do not expire but services on them may. You are eligible to receive a free replacement U Card every 5 years. If you leave the University and return within 5 years of receiving your U Card you will need to use the same U Card or pay a replacement fee. Exceptions to this rule includes role changes. (ex. going from student to staff)