Meal Plan

If you purchase a University of Minnesota Duluth Meal plan it will be added to your U Card.

Meal Plans are managed through University Dining Services. If you have questions or concerns about Meal Plans please visit

Campus Cash

Campus cash allows you to store money on your U Card in order to pay for printing, dining services and chemistry breakage fees.

All U Card holders automatically have a Campus Cash account available on their U Card.

To find out more about the Campus Cash account please visit our Campus Cash page.

Student Account

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota and have no financial holds on your student account, you can use your U Card to charge purchases of textbooks and supplies from University Bookstores to your University student account.

Just bring your U Card and another photo ID to any of the University of Minnesota Bookstores and say "charge it to my student account." They will accept your U Card just like a credit card.