Online Students

Students enrolled in online courses only at UMC must be registered for classes a minimum of 24 hours prior to obtaining a U Card.

Note: University entitlements are based on current status, not future status.

Obtaining Your U Card:

As an online student, you can request your U Card

PSEO Students

PSEO students can receive their U Card at the U Card Office during their Orientation.

If you receive a U Card as a PSEO student and then apply and are accepted to the UMN Crookston for your Undergraduate Education, you will use the same U Card. You are only eligible for a free U Card every 5 years.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will receive a U Card at their Orientation. If you have a U Card from an UMN coordinate campus, we do still ask that you get a UMN Crookston U Card as the UMN Crookston U Card has different technology on the card.