I can’t get into my residential hall – what should I do?

Take your U Card and give it to the front desk of your residence hall. They will be able to verify that you have access to the dorm and, if not, put you into the system so that you will have access in the future. If you are still having issues getting into the residential hall, you should bring your U Card into the U Card office so that our staff can run some tests on the card to check for damage.

How is my U Card damaged? I keep it safe in my wallet all the time!

Wallet damage is the number one reason people have to get replacement U Cards. Keeping your U Card tucked in a tight wallet, pulling it out over and over again causes it to rub against other cards and will start to damage the card over time. Many people keep their wallets in their back pockets, which they sit on when they take a seat. This combination of pressure and heat on the wallet can also damage the U Card.  If you must keep your U Card in your wallet, the best way to keep your card protected is to store it in a Tyvek Sleeve, which we give to each person when they get a new U Card.

My U Card was stolen – what do I do now?

The best thing to do is deactivate your U Card, so that whoever stole it has no chance of using any of the services on the card. You can do so online here. Keep in mind that deactivating your U Card is permanent. If you have not already done so, file a police report for the theft that occurred to you. If you can provide the U Card Office staff with the police report number from your case, we will waive the $25 fee replacement fee.

Does my U Card ever expire?

No, your U Card will never expire. The services on the card may be taken away if you leave the University (such as building access, library services, etc.) but the card itself will always be functional and be available to have services added to it again if you return. If you return to the University and you do not have your previous U Card you are subject to the replacement fee policy.

Can I have my preferred name printed on my U Card?

Yes. If you would like to have your preferred name printed on your U Card you will need to go to your MyU - My Info - Click The Edit Pencil By Your Name - Add A New Name - Select Preferred Name and then fill in your preferred name. If you currently have a U Card please refer to our replacement policy.

You will need to update your preferred name 24 hours prior to uploading your U Card photo. If you do not plan to upload your U Card photo be sure to update your preferred name 24 hours prior to getting your U Card at the U Card Office.