Replacement U Cards

  • If you are currently eligible for a replacement U Card (please see eligibility page) you may be subject to a $25 replacement fee if your card is lost, damaged or stolen. The U Card staff will determine if a fee will apply.
  • We will waive your replacement fee if:
    • Your U Card was stolen and you can provide us with a police report number
    • You have had a legal name change (please see more details below)
    • Your U Card is 5+ years old
    • Your U Card’s smart chip fails
  • Name Changes


    • Deactivating your U card will shut off any services (accounts, door access, etc.) on your U Card.
    • All of your door access and accounts will transfer over once you receive a replacement U Card.
    • Smart Card Reader (Tap) door access can take up to 12 hours to transfer over.
    • Once a card has been deactivated it can never be reactivated.
    • Deactivate your U Card. I  would like this to be a button