Departmental ID Badges can only be ordered by University Departments by downloading and completing the department_id_badge_request_form-2.xlsx

Departmental ID Badges are $7 and include a plastic holder

      • Departments can choose to pay for the badges themselves or let each ID badge holder pay for their own ID badge

Department Paying 

    • Please include your EFS number on the email with the Departmental ID Badge form attached.
    • ID Badges must be picked up by the person who places the order (unless otherwise specified).
    • Please bring a valid government issued photo ID or U Card to pick up the badges.

Department ID Badge holder paying

    • Please make sure your ID Badge holder knows they will be charged a $7 fee for the badge when they come to the U Card Office to receive their ID badge.
    • Please make your ID badge holder aware that they will need to present a valid government issued photo ID to receive their ID badge.

Departmental ID Badges do not have expiration dates printed on them. It is up to departments to set an internal expiration date for the Department ID Badges if they would like to. However, we will not be able to print that date on the badges.

Departmental ID Badges hold no official authentification/credential power at the University.

It is up to each department to manage the Departmental ID Badges. We do not collect or ask for Departmental ID Badges to be returned to us.

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