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Gopher GOLD™ Visitor Card Registration

Information for Visitors to the University about Gopher GOLD
If you are a visitor to the University of Minnesota, for just $1, you can purchase a Gopher GOLD Visitor Card from most Value Ports (accepts cash only) or the U Card Office (accepts cash or check only). Click here for Value Port machine locations.

Once you have a Gopher GOLD Card, please make sure you register it online. Registering the card online is the best way to track your card value or deactivate it if it's lost or stolen.

Register My Gopher GOLD™ Card

If you are a visitor as part of a event or conference, your event or conference planner can work with the University's Conference and Events Services Department to add Gopher GOLD Value onto the Conference Cards. Once you have a Conference Card you can track the value online by entering the number from the front of the card.

After you have purchased a Gopher GOLD Card you can make a deposit into your Gopher GOLD account. Before you do, please download and read a PDF version of the Terms and Conditions or stop by or email the U Card Office and request a paper copy.

Make a deposit your Gopher GOLD Account in any of these three locations:

  • with cash or check at the U Card Office
  • with cash at a Value Port machine (Click here for machine locations.)
  • with a credit or debit card online (see link to deposit page below)

Make a deposit to a Gopher GOLD Card or Conference Card online
(Enter the entire number from the front of the card)

Visitor Card Deactivation

Deactivation Is Permanent
Online Gopher GOLD™ Card deactivation is immediate & permanent! Once you deactivate your Gopher GOLD™ Card, it cannot be used by anyone for any services and it cannot be reactivated.

To log in to the deactivation page and permanently deactivate your Gopher GOLD™ Card click here > Gopher GOLD™ Card Deactivation Page


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