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U Card Replacements

Replacement U Cards are issued at all current U Card Office locations. Bring your Driver's License, State ID, Military ID, Tribal ID or passport and be prepared to have your picture taken.

There is a $25 replacement fee if your initial or subsequent U Card is ever lost, damaged or stolen. The fee can be paid by cash or check at all U Card Office locations. At the Coffman Union U Card Office you can also use Gopher GOLD™ value or, if you're a student, your student account to pay the replacement fee.
We Do NOT Accept Debit, Check Or Credit Cards.

Do I have to pay?

Your replacement charge will be determined by a U Card Office staff member. Below are some examples of when a replacement fee may be assessed. Please note, these are examples only and are not inclusive of all forms of damage resulting from a mishandled U Card.

Yes, to all these examples…

the card is bent

The card is bent.


th card was misused as an ice scraper, etc.

The card has been misused (Ice scraper, chewed by pet, etc.).


the card is warped from heat

The Card is warped from heat (from dashboard or clothes dryer, etc.).

the card has stickers on it

A hole was punched or stickers/tape are on your card.

the card is cracked or broken

The card is cracked,broken or split.





you've had a status change and have lost your current U Card

You have a name or status change and are not turning in current issued U Card at the time of replacement.*

Students: Visit OneStop at to get the Name Change Request Form or information about the University's name change policy. Staff/Faculty: Talk to HR.

lost your U Card

You are eligible for an upgraded U Card and are not turning in your current issued U Card at the time of replacement.*








Your U Card was stolen and you do not have an official police report, copy of the official police report or the police report number to present to the U Card Office staff member at the time of replacement issuance.

If you deactivate your U Card online, over the phone or in person, for your security and the security of the University, it cannot be reactivated and you may have to pay the replacement fee for a replacement card.


If U Card's magnetic stripe has been demagnetized. This can happen many ways. Here are a few examples: touching a magnetic stripe from another card to the magnetic stripe on the U Card, strong magnets or magnetic fields near the U Card, cell phone or cell phone cases with magnets carried close to your U Card.