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Card Care

U Card Policy

For this policy, a U Card is defined as the physical card, the data and photo printed on the card, and/or the data encoded on the card.

  • Only one U Card may be in the cardholder's possession at any time.
  • U Cards must not be collected upon termination of employment.
  • U Cards must not be retained and used as collateral for departmental services.
  • Unauthorized use of a U Card warrants immediate confiscation, deactivation and/or disciplinary action.
  • The identification, service entitlements and facility access associated with each U Card are never transferable. U Cards should not be lent to anyone for any purpose. The individual whose identity is represented on the U Card assumes all financial and/or criminal liability for fraudulent use of the U Card.

Fraudulent Use Of A U Card May Include, But Is Not Limited To:

  1. Misrepresentation/attempted misrepresentation of identity via the use* of a U Card.
  2. Provision of a U Card to another individual for any purpose.
  3. Duplication/attempted duplication of a U Card, the data or photo printed on the card, and/or the data encoded on the card or imbedded in the card.
  4. Alteration or defacement, or attempted alteration or defacement (with the intent of misuse) of a U Card.

If someone is fraudulently using a U Card, please notify the U Card Office as soon as possible.

* use is defined as: any function to which the U Card is used as the key for access (i.e. services, facilities, etc.)

When Fraudulent Use Of A U Card Is Detected By The U Card Office Or A Service Provider**

  • The U Card will be confiscated immediately.
  • The University Police may be contacted (phone: 4-COPS or 911) (only if the U Card is being used for illegal purposes, such as - attempting to obtain goods or services illegally or to issue a check or receive cash illegally).
  • Service providers immediately contact the U Card Office to have the card deactivated.
  • Upon confiscation, or receipt of confiscated U Card, the U Card Office will conduct an investigation appropriate to the circumstances of the misuse, with the possible involvement of Student Judicial Affairs, University Police, TCF Bank and other offices.

** A service provider is defined as: the controller of the service or facility to which the U Card serves as the key for access. Service providers must have their own procedures regarding what, if any, attempt will be made to determine the identification of the individual attempting to fraudulently use the card. If known, the individual's name will be immediately forwarded to the U Card Office along with the confiscated U Card. Service providers may impose their own service restrictions on fraudulent card users.

The U Card Office is not liable for financial loss or criminal repercussions associated with lost, stolen, damaged or fraudulently used U Cards.

Picture of the front and back of a U Card

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