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Employee Payroll Deduction to Gopher

GOLD™ is Now Available!


If you are a full time employee at the University, you can enroll in payroll deduction!


Payroll deduction gives you the choice to either enroll in
- ongoing deductions
- or deposit just a one-time

You decide when to start, stop and if you want to change the amount of deduction from your paycheck. Selecting from the posted payroll time frames, you determine what works best for you.

Choose from increments of $5 to $30 for ongoing deductions or from any whole dollar amount between $5 and $300 for a one time deduction. Once you have enrolled, you can check your current enrollment and balance at any time.Once you have enrolled, you will be sent a confirmation email. Please review the Gopher GOLD program Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling. Terms and Conditions. You may visit the U Card Office and pick up a copy of the Terms and Conditions at any time. 

There is no fee for Employee Payroll Deduction to Gopher GOLD.

Contact us with any questions or assistance at 612.626.9900.


Ready to start? Click on a link below and follow the simple steps to get started.

• Ongoing Deduction from Payroll

• One Time Deduction from Payroll


Want to change or cancel your deduction? Click on a link below and follow the steps. Your change or cancellation will become effective in the following payroll period from the time of your request.

• Change Ongoing Payroll Deduction Amount

• Change One Time Payroll Deduction Amount

• Cancel Ongoing Payroll Deduction Amount

• Cancel One Time Payroll Deduction Amount


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