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The U Card Office offers many services for University departments, from providing you our U Card brochures to designing and printing ID Badges Here are some ways that the U Card Office can help you. If what you're looking for isn't here, email us or call us!

How do we cancel door access?
Do not collect the U Card to cancel door access. U Cards must not be collected by departments upon full-time or student employee separation from University employment. Because of the services associated with an employee’s U Card, they must never be turned-in or collected upon termination of employment. Additionally, U Card should never be retained as collateral for department services. If you need to cancel door access, contact us and we can help you determine the best way to cancel a former employee's door access.

How do we use the U Card for authentication?
Check Enrollment/Employment Online! The U Card Office offers an Authentication Web Process. After a department requests access to the Authentication Web Page, they can check current enrollment/employment status online with the swipe of a U Card. The web page can be used with or without a card reader and is available free of charge. For more information, contact:
U Card Office

How can we get a U Card for short-term employees or students or long-term visitors?
Link to the Sponsored U Cards Info Page

How do we order a Temporary Access Card for a short-term visitor needing door access?
Email us a request from the Temp Access Page

How do we order Departmental Copy Cards?

Email us a request from the Copy Cards Page

How do we order an ID Badge?
Link to the ID Badges Info Page

How can I order U Card brochures?
U Card brochures are available in large and small quantities for your department's distribution. Email
In the email let us know:
1) the quantity desired
2) your name
3) your department
4) if you'll be picking them up from the Coffman Union U Card Office or
a campus mail address to which the brochures should be sent via campus mail

*Remember that everyone who obtains a U Card receives a brochure at the time of issuance.


Picture of a nurse wearing an ID Badge

Picture of a temporary access cardTemporary Access Card Example

Picture of a departmental copy card, and an ID BadgeDepartmental Copy Card Example

Picture of an ID Badge
ID Badge Example