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U Card Deactivation

Deactivation Is Permanent
Online U Card deactivation is immediate & permanent! Once you deactivate your U Card, it cannot be used by anyone for any services and it cannot be reactivated.

Replacing Your Deactivated U Card
You may have to pay the replacement fee to replace your U Card. The fee can be paid by cash, check, Gopher GOLD™ Value, or if you're a student, billing it to your student account.

If your U Card was stolen and you present an official police report or a copy of the official police report or the report number to a U Card Office staff member AT THE TIME of replacement U Card issuance, the replacement fee will be waived.

Replacement fee will be determined by a trained U Card Office staff member.

To log in to the deactivation page and permanently deactivate your U Card click here > U Card Deactivation Page


Picture of student on computer deactivating her U Card online