University of Minnesota
U Card Office

My U Card



Your Role
The University assigns each cardholder a role/roles. There are thirteen different role codes including student, affiliated student, visiting student, faculty, retired faculty, staff, affiliated staff, retired staff, academic staff, affiliated academic staff, retired academic staff, visitor, and regent. Your role in PeopleSoft (Faculty/Staff/Student) will determine the role name to be printed.

Your Unit Name (only applies for staff/faculty on 2015 U Card Design)
PeopleSoft department level affiliation will determine the unit name to be printed.

Your ID #
A 7 digit number assigned to you by the University.

Your Photo
A picture is taken of each cardholder and printed on the front of the U Card for identification purposes. It is electronically stored and can be used in other cases only with the cardholder's express written consent.Staff/Faculty photos will be taken at the U Card office. Coming in fall of 2015 University employees can upload a photo of their choice via Photo Upload. Students can now upload their photos via Photo Upload at

Your U Card #
U Card numbers are unique numbers assigned to individual cardholders.This number is used to assign swipe access to doors/building. It is also referenced by TCF Bank when a U Card is used to access an ATM with TCF U Card Checking. If you replace your U Card your U Card # will change. The only way to keep your U Card number on your replacement U Card is by coming to the U Card Office with your current U Card and turing it in before you deactivate/replace your card.

Your Smart Card #
Your unique # that is recorded allowing tap access to doors/buildings.If you replace your U Card your U Card Smart Chip # will always change.

Your Name
The name listed in the PeopleSoft system will be printed on your U Card. (Contact One Stop or your HR representative regarding name changes.)

Library #s
These numbers are used by University of Minnesota Libraries to access and check out library materials. The 2015 U Card Design will not display these numbers but your U Card will still be accepted at University Libraries.

Date Your U Card Was Issued
This is the date your U Card was printed. Your U Card itself never expires because it may have banking, Gopher GOLD or other services associated with it. For this reason, never turn in your U Card at termination of employment or class or use as collateral. Individual service providers (e.g., the library, UDS, etc) determine when you can no longer use your U Card for their services..

Your Signature
The area in which you sign your U Card.The 2015 U Card Design will no longer have a signature on the card.

Confidentiality Statement:
Personal information is kept secure and confidential at the U Card Office. Outside parties are not privileged to personal or account information unless express consent is granted or the University of Minnesota must comply with legal or government agencies.