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Card Care

Recommended Card Care

An issue date is printed on your U Card because it never expires so you should take care of it. A replacement fee may be assessed for lost, stolen or damaged
U Cards.

  • Always store your U Card in the Tyvek card sleeve you receive when you obtain your U Card. Additional card sleeves are available free of charge at the U Card Office.
    Or purchase a soft or hard plastic card holder (pictured below) from the
    U Card Office.
  • Never allow your U Card to be used as collateral for University services as there may be financial value or access to campus services associated with it.
  • Never turn in your U Card at the end of employment or classes.
  • Never allow your U Card to be retained for on or off campus services.
  • Never leave your U Card on your dashboard or in the sun.
  • Never allow your U Card's magnetic stripes to be scratched by sharp objects, like keys or
    coin edges.
  • Never allow your U Card's magnetic stripe to touch another cards' magnetic stripe. The U Card could be demagnetized and/or the other cards could be demagnetized.
  • Never bend your U Card.
  • Never punch holes in your U Card.
  • Never apply tape or stickers to your U Card.

My U Card was…

lost, damaged, stolen, won’t "work," won’t swipe.

What should I do?
Click to visit the Replacements page.

Plastic Card Holders for Sale at the U Card Office:


Clip-on holder. $1.00clip on holder

Retractable Belt Clip $3.00retractable belt clip
Hard Plastic Clip-On Holder $3.00hard plastic clip-on holder Save $1.00 when you buy the hard plastic clip-on holder & the belt clip with combination
U Card featuring issue date