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Sponsoring Visiting Staff or Students

If your department has visiting or affiliated students, staff, academic staff or faculty members or any other short-term employees and you would like the individual to have a U Card, your department must sponsor that individual by submitting the online sponsored account application form found on the sponsored account web page to formalize the sponsorship.

If you have questions about the definition of an official appointment for staff or faculty, please seek the advice of Human Resources in your department.

How do I participate in the online sponsored account process?

Please read through all of the following information before linking to the Departmentally Sponsored Account page.

Step 1: go to the Departmentally Sponsored Accounts page (see link below).
Step 2: complete the online Sponsored Internet Account Application form. Make sure you use the correct spelling of the applicant's legal name, especially if you are not entering a Social Security Number.
Step 3: click the submit request button at the bottom of the online Sponsored Internet Account Application form page.

Please be diligent when entering information on the online form. Since a department sponsored individual does not receive an emplID, it is important for you to complete the entire online form accurately using the correct spelling of the applicant’s legal name. Completing the entire online form accurately will ensure the U Card office can verify the individual’s record when they arrive at our office to obtain their U Card.

The U Card Office will grant a one-year term for U Card eligibility. At the end of each fiscal year, we will request departmental verification of an individual’s continued status.

How will I know when the U Card can be obtained?

A good indication that an individual is in PeopleSoft (and by extension the x.500 directory) and is ready to receive a card is when they have received an official University e-mail address and/or is listed in the online directory. You can also contact the U Card Office 48 hours after you've made a request to verify their eligibility.

What if I have additional questions?
If you have questions about the online Sponsored Internet Account Application form please contact the Accounts Helpline at 612-626-8366.

If you need further clarification about departmentally sponsoring visiting staff or students, or would like to verify that the U Card Office has received the sponsored account information please contact us.

Click on the link to log in and request a departmentally sponsored account:

Departmentally Sponsored Account