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TCF U Card Checking Account

TCF Bank is the Official U Card Bank and offers the convenience of an on-campus branch location and two on-campus ATMs. TCF annually contributes scholarship dollars to the University of Minnesota and supports campus-wide initiatives.

As a current or incoming student, staff or faculty member you can open a TCF U Card Checking account at the U Card Office when you get your U Card or at any convenient TCF Bank location. As an existing TCF customer, connecting your account to use your U Card as an ATM card is quick and easy and can also be done at the U Card Office.

Compare the benefits of TCF U Card Checking with offerings from other local banks.

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Where are TCF Bank branches near campus?

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Where are TCF Bank ATMs near campus?

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How can I use my U Card as an ATM card?

The 17-digit U Card number on your U Card is used to uniquely identify you as a member of the University of Minnesota community. This number is also referenced by TCF Bank when a cardholder has a TCF U Card Checking account and their U Card is used at an ATM. Once you've opened a TCF U Card Checking Account you can use your U Card as an ATM card, like you would a check or debit card. TCF U Card Checking accounts can be opened at the U Card Office or at any TCF Bank branch.

Is there a way that I can see a copy of the University's U Card Agreement with TCF Bank?

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) reviews and approves all contracts to which the University of Minnesota is a party. If you would like to get a copy of the U Card Agreement with TCF Bank, contact Susan McKinney in the OGC at