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Welcome Students!students

Criteria to obtain your U Card:

Undergraduate, graduate and professional students must be admitted and/or registered for classes at the University of Minnesota.

Note: University entitlements are based on current status, not future status.

When you arrive to get your U Card, a government issued photo ID must be presented. Driver's License, State ID, Military ID, Tribal ID or passports are accepted.

Your first U Card is free, however there is a replacement fee for lost, damaged or stolen U Cards.

lindaMy Photo:

Digital photos are taken as part of the card issuance process.
A new photo will be taken each time a replacement U Card is issued for security purposes.

U Card photos must be an unobstructed, front view of the full face
that is a representation of the true appearance of the card holder.

Photo must be taken in normal street attire without a hat or dark glasses.
No facial or hand gestures or foreign objects are to be included in the photo.