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Your First U Card is FREE!

$25.00 Replacement Fee for lost, damaged, or stolen U Cards.





The U Card identifies you as a student, staff or faculty member of the Duluth campus.

Your first U Card is free and can be obtained at the U Card Office. Bring a government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, Tribal ID or passport) and be prepared to have your picture taken. Your U Card never expires, so keep it even after you leave the University. If you ever return as a student, staff or faculty member, your card is still valid.

U Cards must NOT be collected by departments upon termination of employment, including student employment. Because of the services associated with your U Card, never turn in or allow your card to be collected upon termination of employment. Additionally, never allow your U Card to be retained as collateral for department services.

U Cards must be properly cared for. A replacement fee will be assessed for replacement (lost, stolen or damaged) U Cards.

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