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Deactivate your Lost or Stolen U Card

You can deactivate your lost or stolen U Card by contacting the U Card Office.

There may be a $25 replacement fee for your replacement U Card.

Campus Cash is not cash refundable when U Cards are lost, stolen, or damaged.

The fee can be paid by cash, check, credit card or if you're a student, billing it to your student account.

If your U Card was stolen and you present an official police report or a copy of the official police report or the report number to a U Card Office staff member AT THE TIME of replacement U Card issuance, the replacement fee will be waived.

If you’re an employee, your department can agree to pay the fee using an EFS account. When paying by EFS account we require a memo on department letterhead stating the name of the employee to receive the U Card, the department’s EFS number and the appropriate signature. Please refer to University policy if your department receives sponsored funds.

*Note: Replacement fee will be determined by trained U Card Staff.